Monday, May 07, 2012

Guinness Gurney

Goodbye Guinness...You truly were one of a kind. I came into your life when you lived with Pete & Sarge and Mike Bodht just moved out. Those guys loved you so much. G definitly gave them his doggy love. He trained me to submit to him and taught me to love him with that face and those ears. I brought Bodhi over and hoped that you didn't hurt him and you did let him know you were the dog of the house but you loved him too-he was your brother from another mother. He had a few names: Little Buddy, Yellow Bear, GiGi, G, G-dog, G-love and the special Sausage(Bodhi) God Damn it Guinness, Precious Little One, and when he was really in trouble, Guinness O'Brien Patrick Gurney. Thunderstorms are not the same without you, I actually stayed awake the first one and waited for you and it made me really sad. The chipmunks have now taken over and soon the deer will start creeping in. I am sure your dad has many things to say about you but I just wanted to say to all your friends how much you taught me about alpha dogs and how much I still love you. Miss you little buddy, Sarah