Friday, September 29, 2006

New trail possibilities!?

Following PG's lead, I am trying this blog community on for size. Of like mind, I would definitely like to encourage more riders to attend the Wednesday night rides (wnr for fewer key strokes.) As this week's wnr was rained out, I went for a quick ride last night and ended up on the power line at the North end of Clayton Rd. which led me to a slightly disused two-track. Following this up, I eventually came out in Country Knolls sub and still have some forks and beyonds to explore. This two-track dumps out on Duvernay Ln. which is between the end of Clayton & Pleasantview. I'm hoping this has potential for connection to the Kipp section of the North Country Trail. It would be nice to have a trail near the homestead. I will try to keep all posted after I have more time (and daylight) to explore this trail's potential further. There is definitely time & we aren't afraid of donning the headlights. Ride on!

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