Monday, October 30, 2006

Lights, Camera, Ride!

As the daylight hours have become increasingly shorter, we are relegated to donning the headlights for our Wednesday NIGHT rides. With that in mind, Scott & Chris packed the camera to try to catch a few shots. The night was cool but beautiful, low 40's and clearing skies made for a beautiful sunset (which we didn't catch adequately in time to do it photographic justice.) We rode the typical route at Boyne, from the meadow to the South peak, across to the North peak & onto the bridges where we trialed & errored but captured a couple great shots of the bridge at night. It looks a lot scarier in these photos than on the bike but that is half of the fun of night riding...the pace slows, the corners sharpen & the trail narrows with saplings jumping out of the shadows. The remainder of the ride was mildly eventful as the loggers have strayed from their previous trail avoidance causing some 'cross riding. All in all a great night ride, even a glimpse of a crescent moon through the trees followed by the yips of a coyote up Sarge's trail as we loaded out gear and unloaded a couple hopped refreshments. Still a couple of weeks before opening day to get some miles in...ride when you permitting.

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