Saturday, September 13, 2008


One week from today I'll be right in the thick of it. I'll have one stage under my belt and be getting ready for the start of stage two. I'm really excited. Since it's my first foray into the world of stage racing my only real expectation is to have three great days of good epic riding. There's not really anything else I can do from my end. The bike appears to be in good working order. I put a new cable on the rear der. and trued up the front wheel. Both repairs have worked flawlessly so far after a few hours of riding. I'll do a long ride tomorrow with the boys down at Chandler Hill, but after that it'll just be a couple of easy spins and resting for me. I'm pretty sure all interested parties have been informed, but on the off chance no< the ride tomorrow is starting at the Maxwell Road trailhead of the N.C.T. @ 10:30. Have a good weekend.


Peter said...

WPG - you running gears or single?
Thought I saw a comment on Crank Blog looking for ratio advice...

Looks like 12 in the single solo category. Should be a laugh, racing will be mostly secondary.

WPG said...

I could never really get a good sense of what gear to run, and I just got this really nice new geared bike for racing this I'm going for the gears.