Thursday, September 18, 2008

WNR Report 9-17-08

With Pete & Sarah off to Canada for the Crank the Shield 3-Day MTB Stage race, we expected a lighter-than average turn out. Fortunately we gathered a decent showing; Chris, Rob, Scott & Matt arrived in the Meadow behind Boyne for a gorgeous evening ride...the last WNR of the Summer (Autumnal equinox is 9/22.) With the days getting shorter, we are starting the rides a little earlier & with good reason, it was getting pretty dim by the time we returned @ 7:30! As for the ride, we mixed up the planned route a bit to head straight for the new downhill section which is getting some traffic & is showing some signs of wear & tear but is just too sweet to pass up. We followed up the single track climb & opted to try a new section on the return (trail 13 according to Boyne) & it turned out to be a much nicer path than climbing up the "Shower Head" hill. We even saw a couple other riders enjoying the sweet single-track, two riders had their ride cut short with a broken/loose crank & Rob & I caught up to JB & Jeff Ford who must have had a great ride because they were gone before we started & finished after us (nearly 2 hours.) It's nice to see other riders out having a good time. As for next Wednesday, we have chosen to ride the NCT starting at Kipp Rd. We're starting early - 6:00 to make sure we can see our way home. We'll be riding with lights soon enough.

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Lianna said...

Hey Sarah,
You absolutely should ride the Stairway to Heaven trail if you're anywhere nearby; it's unlike anything I've ever seen. The bridge just keeps going....and going....and going...
That trailhead is behind the main park in "downtown" Copper Harbor. There are a few offshoots that would be difficult to explain in writing, so I recommend stopping in the Keweenaw Adventure Shop and asking Sammy or any of the guys there for a brief description. Or for a buck or so they have some color maps.
How are things out on Terpening Rd? I often miss the crew, and I'm finding that racing is taking away from any time that I'd be able to come home. Currently I'm trying to figure out a way to spend some time in P-tosk near Christmas. I have this nephew who is two and growing with a vengeance...I don't want to miss too much!
Ok, well, hope you are well, and I will keep reading Pete's reports on life on the Big Lake.