Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Weekend Pictures

We had a nice hike out on the lake and then up the dunes out at the SBYC Sunday afternoon. Sarah and I were joined by Matt, Scott, Kathryn, and little Finn. A bit cold with the wind, but a beautiful day up on Sturgeon Bay.

JT and I met up in the a.m. to ski at the end of Hurd Road. I had never skied there, and JT had only first been the day before. We were out for a little over two hours, and we found some really great terrain. Unfortunately, it looks as though the state is getting ready to log it this spring. Damn orange spray paint!

We got another inch of snow last night, and there's a bit more in the forecast for tomorrow. For such a crappy winter it sure is hanging on for all it's worth. I'm probably going to start assessing the bike fleets readiness today or tomorrow. At the very least, I hope to be getting out on the road next week to start logging some base miles.

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Bodt said...

Sweet Pics. I always love to see photos of up north. Thanks.