Friday, July 08, 2011


Old Pic of Headquarters North....Post Ore to Shore 2010.

Attendance: WPG, Myself, Kevin, Karen, Benson, AC, Cheryl,Bobbi, Tina, Coopy, Secret Steve, Uli, Joe or Ryan, Brian, Belinda, Doug, Sherri, 9 year old Lexy!, Damon, Molly, Jim, Dave from Petoskey, Jenn, and I think that is about all...

No pics, sorry Sarge...but definitely from now on!
What an amazing night for a ride, 70's, (yes we actually wore short sleeves), beautiful sky, a tour around Pond Hill Farm, no bugs and the start of many new friendships with fellow riders.
The energy from everyone was just astatic and it was felt all around.
So after the great ride, we hung out in Headquarters new kitchen! Man can that thing cook!!
From my pulled pork on Gurney's breadends, to Bobbi's Flaun, we ate like kings and queens.
I never want the WNR to end and this past one, I didn't want to end especially.
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SARGE said...

Thanks for steppin' up to the plate Sarah.