Thursday, July 07, 2011

WNR Posts

Hey Team Terpening folks!!!  A former WNRider located in the southwest corner of this fine country that we live in has felt a little out of touch lately with the haps regarding the WNR...  it's my way of keeping in touch with a group of riders that I loved riding with every Wednesday night.  Yeah that's right, I said it, the posts on Team Terpening have been a bit light lately.  As a past resident of N. Mich., I understand what time of year it is, and that by the time you get home from work, all you want to do is take out your aggression on some singletrack and drink a beer...  or, more likely, several beers.  So...  here's what I propose (with the permission of WPG):  In the same fashion as last summer, let's get some people involved in writing up some WNR reports in a competition, voted on by yours truly.  I will personally donate some fine quality brew from my beloved Lumberyard Brewery out here in Flagstaff, AZ (formerly, and kind of still is, Beaver Street Brewery).  So, you guys work out the details amongst yourselves as to who writes first, when the competition is complete (based on number of riders/writers), etc.. etc., etc.  I'll make a judgement call on my favorite post, and present the winner with some brew.  I look forward to some WNR posting.  Good luck.

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Action Chuck said...

I was just thinking this very same thing...although, I coulda written a blog here and there myself, but yea...things get carried away! Let the competition begin!