Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Last '06 Bike Commute

So this is how my bicycle commuting ends in 2006, riding home in 6+ inches of snow December 1, 2006. Yes it was a bit of a challenge but I made it home following quite a few astonished looks from my 4-wheeled road companions. You may ask why I biked to work in the first place but I had dry pavement in the morning and it didn't start to snow until around 10:30 a.m. that day. With this generous amount of snow, I have switched to two-track commuting (a.k.a. x-country skiing) and so far it has been going well. Hope to see everyone out on the trails this winter - Keep thinking SNOW! and Honk if you like xc-skiers!


WPG said...

good work chris. i'd have to say you were the last person i know on the road. winter is here. i've already been out skiing four times, and i'll be at nubs tomorrow morning for opening day. i'll be there right at nine, and we'll see how long i can make it. i'll tell you what, the winter taxes a whole new set of muscles (shoveling, snowblowing, wood hauling, and of course skiing)...i am one sore cowboy, but happy as hell as well. sarah and i went on a full moon expedition last week, and it was a blast. i'll see if i can get you an invite for the jan. full moon. let me know if you're interested. happy holidays.

Lianna said...

Beautiful picture...I miss my skis! So I heard I could get a Porcupine Rim picture? I would love to have one to post.

Sarah said...

I think you spoke to soon Chris!!!!