Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still with the riding....

Well, I have no photos to prove it, but we did indeed get out for an awesome ride at noon on christmas eve. Chris, Scott and I rode just shy of 14 miles at boyne in what could only be described as just about perfect conditions (if such a thing can exist for mountain biking in northern michigan at the end of december). It was windy and in the mid to upper thirties, and the trail was 100 percent open and rideable. While I'd much rather be xc or downhill skiing at this time of year, it sure beat riding on the trainer. If the lack of snow continues, I plan on riding new years day (just to say that i did) after we close the store at 3:00. That should give anyone interested time to shake out the cobwebs and join me. Give me a call at the store sometime during the day on the first, and I'll let you now if I'm down for the ride. Take care, and happy holidays.

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