Saturday, October 20, 2007

How y'all doing?

That's how people talk down here, for real. You even hear that southern drawl out on the trail which just seems double weird. Well, we made it through the first week of married life, and all is well in Asheville. The riding has been great so far. The loft we've rented is wonderful. It's located right downtown, which means it's way too close to all sorts of fabulous resturants and tasty beer. I'm real interested to get on the scale when I get home to find out how much damage control will be necessary to get back down to fighting weight. We rode out at Tsali today, and it was just as I recalled....Awesome. It's a paradise for mountain biking, and I'm lobbying hard with the wife (that's still a little weird) to go back on Monday to ride the two loops we didn't ride today. Out on the road bike tomorrow for what is supposed to be a killer hard 25 mile ride to meet Sarah, Angie, and Dan at the top of Mount Mitchell for a few beers. They're going to drive up and go for a hike while I ride up. Should be fun. See y'all when we get home next week.

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