Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday morning ride

Scott mentioned earlier in the week that he'd like to do a long ride on Sunday we did. It was a bit chilly, but once you got moving it was actually quite pleasant. Sunny, mid 40's, and still a few leaves left on the trees. I've attached a map below if you'd like to view the details. I'm going to try and get out this afternoon to practice dismounting my cross bike at speed and then hauling it up onto my shoulder for short little runups. I figure I might want to try it out a couple of times with no pressure before my first race this Sunday. It looks like it might just be Matt and I for the WNR this week. Scott will be trick or treating with Mitchell and inspecting apples for razor blades. The only other person I can think of with lights is Marcus. So if you want to go give me a call sometime Wednesday morning, and I'll let you know what time we're planning on setting out. Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was closer!! It would be great to ride with others. Tonight I went for a ride. 16 miles 1 hour 10 minutes. Great stuff. Averaging 45 miles a week on the Mt Bike. About 30 at night the past 3 weeks. Take Care!!! Ride Well!!!