Friday, November 28, 2008


I like to think that I'm aware of, and thankful for the good things in my life more than just one day out of the year. But it is nice for those with a less positive attitude to be reminded once a year to take a moment of reflection on what they may have to be thankful for. At any rate, turkey day has come and gone. My hiatus from structured and disciplined training is almost over. Monday it's time to get down to the business of getting ready for the upcoming ski season. I haven't gotten my plan totally set in stone yet, but I do know that I will be starting to do some serious work on the upper body. So far, this will include pull ups (of which I can currently do two), push ups, sit ups, and double poling on the skis. I've also slacked off enough on yoga this fall that I have enough credit to go twice a week through the month of December. Here's to hoping that everyone had a nice holiday. I'll be looking for you out on the slopes and trails. Take care and thanks for reading.

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