Wednesday, April 22, 2009

C.S.I. Team Terpening

Shortly after noticing the missing money last week I found a pristine pack of cigarettes behind the house next to the woodpile. We're pretty sure that they had only been there a short amount of time since the cigarettes were dry, the pack had no dirt on it, and the dogs hadn't chewed them up yet. It is an obscure type of cigarette, but that really didn't get us any closer to figuring out the crime. We only have a small number of friends that smoke, and those that do certainly don't smoke ultra light menthols. We were still scratching our heads up until a couple of days ago when Sarah and I found some butts out by the shop below a recently melted pile of snow. They were a perfect match. Since I blew all the leaves (or cigarette butts) off the driveway this fall, and two of the butts were found in a discarded orange pop can that I would have picked up in the fall as well, I've narrowed down the likely ultra light menthol smoker to one of three individuals that did some work on my shop a couple of months ago. I called the deputy handling the case this morning to pass along the information; and while I'm still not real optimistic about anything happening to the person who robbed us, it's nice to be fairly certain it's not someone we know and hang out with.

In more happy bike related news: Matt and Jess came out on sunday to help Sarah and I start getting the trail ready behind the house. We worked for about an hour and got about 80% of the singletrack raked and cleared. I rode the Loop on my singlespeed yesterday, and it was wonderful. Thanks for helping out guys.

WNR is TNR this week. See you there.

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