Friday, April 24, 2009

WN...I mean TNR Report

It didn't turn out to be as warm as we expected last night, but we got out for the ride just the same. Only Sarah and Benson joined me for the second official group ride of the season, and we all had a good spin on the NCT off of Larks Lake Road. There were still a couple patches of snow to wade through and a couple of downed trees to climb over; but I'd say overall, the trail conditions are pretty good. Benson was giving his new steed the first shakedown on the singletrack, and I think he's pretty happy so far. This is Benson's first mountain bike with the big wheels. Welcome to the club.

Next weeks WNR @ Boyne (and it really will be on wednesday). Roll out will be at 6:30. Have a good weekend.

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