Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SBYC Tuesday

In an effort to rest up and recover for the big race on saturday, yesterday I did absolutely nothing (or as close to nothing as possible). I did have to work for an hour in the morning before heading over to Hugh's so I could watch him tune up my front brake caliper. Other than that, I spent my morning straightening up the shop, reading, and watching Netflix on my laptop. In the afternoon I headed up the SBYC for some sun and a stand in the mid forty degree water. Mike G. and Bob showed up about an hour after I got there, and we chatted for a little while. I headed back south and stopped in for a pizza at the Crow's Nest. I brought the pizza home, got a beer from the keg, and watched some more Netflix. Then I went to bed. It was tough not to get out for a ride on such a nice day, but I'll be spinning the pedals around tonight at the WNR. Lark's Lake Rd. NCT.

I found a trailer for a movie about that bike ride that Kerri did a couple of winters ago. Check it out.

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