Thursday, June 04, 2009

WNR #8

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Matt, and Rob.
Weather: Chilly (58 degrees), but sunny.
Trail Conditions: The Loop is still holding up pretty well this spring. With a little bit of TLC here and there, it'd be fantastic.

Last night marked our first non-stop WNR of the season. We upped the pace after the cart path climb on the way home, and it felt really good to throw down and peg the heartrate for the last 15 minutes of the ride. After that it was Oberon from the keg and pesto pasta with chicken from the kitchen. Since only four of us were riding, Sarah decided to scrap the app. plan while we were out and made dinner for us instead. It was a tasty suprise after a hard ride. Next weeks WNR @ the Pleasantview Township Hall heading south to Kipp Rd. and back. The team will be representing at Hanson Hills this weekend. Stay tuned for race report(s) next week, and have a good weekend.

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