Monday, July 27, 2009

Sore Legs

My legs have been pretty wiped out for the past week or week and a half. The past couple of days were no exception. Both days I was really tempted to skip a ride in favor sitting on my a** and having a few beers. Both days I summoned the motivation to head out for a quick hour before sitting on my a** and having a few beers. Both rides were excellent, and my legs felt okay. Not great, but certainly strong. Saturday I hit up the Loop on the singlespeed. I'm so lucky to have such a killer trail starting in the backyard. Yesterday I rode the road up to Island View Rd. and back. It started out as a recovery ride, and I rode an easy pace on the way up. The weird thing is that yesterday's "easy" pace was wicked fast. I made it to the turnaround point in under thirty minutes. All of a sudden, setting a new personal record for that ride was possible. I cranked up the pace a bit on the way back. I rode the last climb on Stutsmanville Rd. in my big ring. When I stopped the clock after cruising up the driveway, it read 54:47. I've never done that ride in under an hour before. My legs weren't feeling super or anything, and my heart rate for the ride only averaged 141 (if pressed upon I can sustain a heart rate somewhere in the mid 160's for up to three hours). Drawing on my decidedly unscientific background/knowledge base, I'm hoping this means that I'm getting faster. That's my story for today anyway, and I'm sticking to it. Matt and I are supposed to do 30 on the dirt this afternoon. WNR @ Boyne. Hope everybody had a good weekend.

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