Thursday, July 16, 2009

WNR #14

Attendance: Myself, Hugh and Denise, Benson, Rob, Jake (employee at the store on his first WNR), and Johan (his buddy visiting from Denmark).

Weather: Windy, but hot and humid.

Trail Conditions: Perfecto. Sammy has raked to perfection all of the trails near his house on the south end of the Loop.

I had a really good night on the bike. I went out for a hard 50 minutes before escorting Jake and Johan at a more leisurely pace. After leaving them at the bottom of Five Mile Creek, I rode at full on race pace back up to the house in a little over 20 minutes. I ended up with just under two hours and 15 miles, and my legs finally came around after a couple days of feeling a little off. Next weeks WNR at the NCT Trailhead off of Brutus Rd. heading north.

In other race related news: Sarge, I know you've requested a race schedule. I haven't put one up because other than the Ore to Shore and the Lumberjack, I wasn't sure what other bike races I'd be doing this year. While I'm still not ready to fully "schedule" the rest of my season, this race has reaapeared on the radar. I've got a few logistics to work out before I send them my dough, but so far it's looking good. Take care and have a good weekend.


Sarge said...

I see no reason not to do the Pisgah Stage Race. Good luck at Ore 2 Shore.

EdO said...

The only reason I see is the 13K+ elevation change on Friday!!

You can come down & stay a day, mabe 2, or just a night if you'd like. I promise your truck will not have any more paint take off of it by the telephone pole in the alley.