Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Making Preparations

In less than two weeks time now, Sarah and I will be heading to sunny California. My bike is heading out a little earlier to get acclimated (thanks for loaning me the box Steve). The airline is charging something like $150 to take a bike along, and truth be told I trust the dudes in the brown trucks way more than the baggage handlers. So the bike ships out tomorrow, and we ship out one week from Saturday. Even though the trip has been planned for some time now, it still snuck up on me for some reason. Since we won't get back until after Thanksgiving, there were a couple of chores that needed to be completed before leaving. The two biggies being securing the new hedge and trees with deer fencing and blowing the leaves out of the yard. Hugh, I promise yours will be done too before I depart. Normally, southern California is pretty far from my favorite place on earth, but with the crappy weather we've been having lately coupled with the dwindling daylight, it's starting to sound pretty good.

Weather forecast for the WNR tonight: 70% chance of precip. with temps. in the high 30's. In the dark, wonderful.

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