Sunday, November 28, 2010

"127 Hours"

It's a snowy day here in the FLG;  23 degrees, 15 mph winds, and snow, snow, and more snow.  Nice to be inside surfing the web for a bit before making an attempt to organize the garage.  I finally did some research this morning that I've been meaning to do since shortly after our wedding reception.  The evening of our party, the Warden and I were engaged in some conversation regarding the movie "127 Hours" that he had recently seen at a limited engagement at a theater in Denver.  I had heard in the past that there was a movie in the works based on this true story, but hadn't heard when it was due for release.  I can recall reading about Aron Ralston's near tragic end in a 2004 "Outside" magazine article and being immediately blown away by the story.  A story that is absolutely outrageous, and asks the question, "In the face of death, what would you be willing to do to save your life?"  In a nutshell the story is as follows:  While solo hiking in southern Utah, Ralston's hand/arm becomes wedged behind a rock in a freak accident.  Unable to release from behind the rock and trapped in a slot canyon, he is left with only two choices, life or death.  In order to choose the life option, he must self-amputate his arm.  Once freed from being trapped, he still must hike several miles to safety.  I recommend visiting the link above to the "Outside" article, an excerpt from Ralston's book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place".  I have yet to read the book; but, after doing my research and rereading some of the article today, I'll be making a trip to the Flagstaff Public Library to check it out on Monday.  Released on a limited basis only, it unfortunately doesn't look like the movie will make a debut here in Flagstaff.  Although it's not available on Netflix yet, I've saved it to my queue; and, based on the Warden's recommendation, you should too.  It came highly recommended by the Warden based on the jaw-dropping story, cinematography, and scenery.  After reading the linked story, please comment below:  "Could you cut off your arm in the face of death?"

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WPG said...

I remember reading about that when it happened, f**king crazy! I'll be sure to put it in Netflix lineup as well. Thanks for the heads up.