Thursday, November 04, 2010

Number 34

Attendance: Pete, Benson, Racin' Rob, A/C, Sarah, and Cheryl.

Weather: Cold and dark.

Trail Conditions: I raked all the singletrack on my property over the weekend, so that was still in great shape. The rest of the trail was littered with a ton of sticks and leaves. In addition, there were a few downed trees requiring a dismount.

Still, we had a good ride. The cold wasn't nearly as bad as we thought, long sleeves and a vest were more than sufficient. And the rain that had been falling off and on all day stopped for the entire ride (it started up again as soon as we were done). We all enjoyed a great meal prepared by Sarah, and we sat around the table shooting the proverbial sh*t for a good long while afterwards. Fortunately I was still able to rouse myself for a much needed dose of yoga before work this morning. WNR # 35 will be @ Boyne next week. Hope to see you next week.

P.S. Plans are in the works to extend the WNR streak into hunting season weather permitting, so stay tuned.

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