Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thirty Eight

Refusal to Quit. Unwilling to Yield. Perseverance. Insanity. Many things depend on your point of view. As you may deduce from the photo, we're still riding on Wednesdays (a few of us anyway) and are trying to hit the big 4-0 before 2010 runs out. The quartet at left, Secret Steve, Kevin-Tron, Below-Zero Benson & Action Chuck suited up for WNR #38 & Snow Ride #2. The conditions this time were a bit different than our first snowy foray. For one, the temperature was about half that of the week before...somewhere around 16; snow wasn't pouring from above and the ground underneath had frozen. There were several inches on the ground but it was the consistency of sugar sand, at least where there weren't frozen footprints below. You would have thought that following the footprints would have been easier than blazing fresh tracks but riding on top of them was like riding over chattery frozen hoof prints. Needless to say, these settings made for a much more challenging snow ride. The ground was now frozen solid, which made turning/staying on course and climbing even moderate inclines extremely difficult. At first it just seemed like monotonous work, spinning out, struggling around every corner AND straight line, not to mention that it was COLD! But just like going swimming in Lake Michigan, once you're in, it's not so bad. Once we got off of the semi-beaten paths & started making our own, the ride smoothed out & we started enjoying it again, riding for just over an hour & about 6.5 miles. We're finding that snow riding isn't about the speed & distance because you're working harder throughout the ride but it's that good kind of work. Just take a look at our post-ride smiling faces, they're not just plastered on because we're mugging for the camera, we all had a good time. And that's what it's all about, getting out, riding with your buddies & having fun. We've chosen to ride in some questionable conditions this year and every time it has been worth it...beyond keeping the riding season going. To that end, #39 is scheduled & we're heading to Charlevoix to Fisherman's Island State Park to ride some groomed XC Ski trails. Hey, as long as we're still riding, we might as well check out some fresh trails. If you're interested and want to join in the fun, check out the Team Calendar for directions, details & info. If you're not up for the bike aspect, bring your skis or snowshoes, plus your headlight!

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