Friday, December 24, 2010


A GREAT way to finish the 2010 riding season with our 40th Wednesday Night Ride in the snow! Commemorated appropriately with a 40 of Post Bicycling Refreshment...thanks to Secret Steve. If you've been paying attention, you'll understand the title of this post (if not XL is the roman numeral for 40) and that the moniker doubly symbolizes the essence of the 2010 riding season. As if 40 weeks of riding weren't enough to make the year extra large, the Wednesday night group grew in number of riders and also in it's caliber of participants. Not since the 'old days' with Drew & Sarge have we pushed the group ride envelope in the way that we did this year. More rides, more riders, more trails, more miles, more races & much more fun. From starting the season on St. Patrick's Day to continuing into deer season (riding trails closed to hunters) and beyond, into 4 consecutive Snow rides! Including #40 with the crew pictured below. The quartet consisted of myself, Charlie, S.Steve & Kevin all determined to complete the landmark ride. Thought we might coax a few more out either to try their wheels on the snow or to join us on skis, snowshoes or even by such luck. We met just above the Meadow & rode down Warwick road to the snow-mo-bike trail, only saw one snowmobile on the trail and only passed one truck on the roads to & from so we know there were witnesses besides case you think the photos were staged.

The bar was set awfully high in 2010 (in more ways than one) and not likely to be replicated any time soon, barring a serious climate shift or a group shift to more southern latitudes...not bloody likely. I want to say that it was an absolute joy to ride with each and every one of you this year (even up the cart path) and I look forward to our continued single-track adventures! Merry Bike-mas & Happy New Rides!


Sarah said...

I had an amazing riding year with all of you too! Thanks for getting me out Cheryl and gang. Merry Christmas!

SARGE said...

F'n love it!!!