Friday, April 01, 2011

The Long Way Home

After breaking down at the WNR (I figured out last night that that crankset is toast :(), I had some training ground to make up for. So yesterday I did the 8.5 mile ride to work and then took a hilly convoluted route home to the tune of 15 miles and 1,100 ft. of climbing.

This morning while I was riding into work again it dawned on me that one of the things I like most about being on the bike and not in the car is disconnecting just for a short time. There's no Sirius radio reminding me of how fu**ed up the world is. There are no calls on my phone or text messages to answer. I don't have to get frustrated with the car in front of me that is SO holding me up. All I have to worry about is pedaling my bike and taking in the views. As the old Poi Dog Pondering song says, "you get to know things better when they go by slow". Have a good weekend.

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