Thursday, April 07, 2011

WNR # 3

Attendance: Myself, Sarah, Cheryl, Lisa, Karen, Benson, Secret Steve, Kevin, A/C, and New Chris.

Weather: A bit chilly, but no rain and not too much wind.

Trail Conditions: Very good for so early in the season. A little slick here and there and a few downed trees to climb over, but all in all about 90% rideable.

It was definitely our first "real" ride of the season. We had a few stops to negotiate some turns and regroup, but the pace was definitely starting to ramp up to summer speed. The cart path climb back up to the 95 acres was just as brutal as always. Our collaborative pasta dinner was an excellent way to round out the evening. Next weeks WNR is still up in the air. We're going to do some scouting this weekend and see how much of the remaining snow we lose during the forecasted warm smell coming up. I'm sure Benson will send out the invite on Monday, and I'll try and post it up here once we decide. Also, I'm planning on a longish 3 hour ride for Sunday, so give me a call if you're interested in the details. Over and out.

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SARGE said...

I think it should be a WNR post requirement to post up a group picture each week. It'd be nice to put a face to the name of several of the WNR participants. Just a thought. Sounds like you guys are having fun and on the brink of the season completely opening up. A foot of snow is forecast here for tomorrow... I'm so over winter!