Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Services Sucked Balls

I waited for the storm to clear out Sunday before I headed out for what I was hoping to be 3ish hour ride. About 35 minutes in, things took a turn for the worse. In chronological order the following events took place: 1) While exploring one of the many subdivisions below 119 north of Good Hart, I took a little tumble. I was trying to turn around in some loose pea gravel and managed to tip over, drawing some blood from my left leg. No biggie, and at least nobody was around to see it. 2) About 15 minutes after the mini crash I got a flat. Still I was unperturbed, I had a spare tube and a frame pump. I got the old tube out and the new tube in. I got her all pumped up, but when I went to take the pump off the core of the valve stem came with it (thus rendering the tube useless). 3) Now I was starting to get a little frustrated, but I had a plan. I patched the old tube as best I could with some duct tape. It lost air slowly enough that I was able to limp a couple of miles down the road to Jon and Debbie's house. There I borrowed the phone (no cell service) to call Sarah and ask her to bring my mountain bike down so I can finish the ride. 4) Sarah brings down the singlespeed, and I swap out the computer and bottles before setting off up the road. 5) About 40 minutes later, while climbing a steep two track heading east towards the NCT my chain broke. And not just the pin popped out broken, two of the plates had broken in half and twisted/mangled the adjoining links. It was so absurd that I actually started laughing. 6) I shoved the useless chain in my pack and lowered my seat a couple of inches. That way I could alternate legs to "scoot" me along. FYI, "scooting" on flat ground I can maintain a speed of about 7.5 mph with a heart rate in the low 130's. 7) I did not "scoot" all the way home. I did scoot about 4 miles back to Jon and Debbie's where I begged a ride home in the pickup truck. 8) I did not fire up my only working bike left (road bike), I felt as though it was definitely not meant to be. Instead I fired up the chainsaw and got rid of the trail obstructions just over the top of the hill and did some other assorted trail work to finish out my workout. I'm really hoping next Sunday goes a little better. WNR tomorrow @ Boyne. Hope to see you there.


SARGE said...

When in doubt, whip the chainsaw out.

Action Chuck said...

That turned out to be quite the adventure, didn't it...but there is a lesson that can be learned here! Despite all those issues falling over like dominoes, it can be said that Petey was prepared! An extra tube, pump, and duct tape...no one carries a spare chain really but I dont even think a master link woulda fixed that one! Having all that on board, while not in this case, can really save the day if something goes south!

What did I do that Sunday? Sit. On my couch. It was awesome. But I am looking forward to the second dirt ride of the year!

SARGE said...

Who carries duct tape? Props for being prepared. That's some McGyver shit right there.

Bodt said...

Bicycle riding and Suffering. Isn't it Glorious!
Laughter seems like the appropriate response to such a debacle.
On the bright side: odds are you'll be having better rides soon.

hann said...

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