Monday, May 16, 2011

WNR #7 - SUPER-sized

Just a quick catchup post from last week's Super-Sized Ride. Not only was the ride larger, longer, faster AND had more climbing than normal but we had a HUGE turnout of 16 riders!'s the rider roster:

Myself (CB), Secret Steve (our super-fast ride leader) Uli, Bobbie, Action Chuck, Cheryl, Kevin, Karen, Chris M, Chris H, Racin' Rob, Damon, Lisa, & newcomers Cooper (though she did a snow ride in December), Damien F. and Jimmy D.

We rode the NCT from the Pleasantview township hall south to Kipp Rd. & back. As I noted, S.Steve took the lead and kept us at near redline (me at least) with a couple of appropriate stops for the stragglers to regroup. All in all, about 14 miles with over 1600' of climbing in about an hour and a half. Like I said, a bit of a Super-sized WNR...and this was without a few regulars that could have easily pushed the group over 20. Sorry no group photo as some of the players had to ske-daddle before everyone was back and for the late post (blogger had some technical issues.)

WNR #8 joins riders Worldwide for the Ride of Silence which meets locally @ 6:30pm downtown Harbor Springs (at the Harbormaster parking lot-250 E.Bay St. or find a location in your neighborhood.)

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SARGE said...

Thanks for the link to the Ride of Silence locations, Chris. I was disappointed to see that Arizona only had five locations. Perhaps I should look into getting one started here in Flagstaff. Also, it's great to hear that you're having big turnouts at the WNR.