Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coconino 250

Hey, man...  and other readers and followers.  Here's the link that I was talking about for bikepacking.  Figured everyone could enjoy a glance at the three sites listed below...  especially since I can't seem to find your email.  I'm sure you've seen the Arizona Endurance Series site as well as  Chad's bikepacking blog has some good info in it, as well as some nice photography.  I think I remember some posts in regards to the Coconino 250 on there from previous years, so scroll back through some posts and find it.  I printed out the directions for the Coconino 250 today, and I'm thinking maybe I'll preride portions of it for you just to scope it out myself.  Just reading the directions to the first stage makes me tired.  Looks like one hell of a ride; but, like I said, I'll gladly be your support crew.  Keep me posted.


WPG said...

Thanks for the links Sarge.

SARGE said...

I think I'm going to ride the first 10 or 15 miles of the first stage today. I printed out the cues for the race; and, although I've already ridden some of it, I think I'll do some recon for you and give you some updates as a heads up for next fall.