Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ore to Shore 2011

Another O2S in the books, and we all had a great time. It was a perfect weekend in Marquette: great weather, great friends, and great racing. My new singlespeed performed flawlessly, and I was able to pilot it to my best ever finish of 3 hours and 5 minutes. I forgot how nice the Lefty fork is, I was bombing down hills like I haven't bombed down hills in a long time. I metered out my energy just right, and I didn't start cramping until about 2 miles to go. And that late in the race I was able to just ride right through them. Later back at the campground, the booze flowed freely as we all shared our stories from the race and ate some wonderful burgers and brats grilled up by Sarah. Sarah, Hugh, Denise, and I were all lucky enough to get to stay Sunday night as well. So we went to Sweetwater for breakfast, did some shopping at Downwind, went to the beach, and topped off the relaxing Sunday with Aubrey's pizza by the campfire. Now I can concentrate on getting through the rest of the summer at work before starting to focus on the last two races of the season for me in October. Enjoy the pictures, and check out the data from the Garmin link as well if you are so inclined. Over and out.

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SARGE said...

Nice job at the Ore2Shore to all of you. I just looked at the results, very nice times. I couldn't find Benson's result, did he race this year?