Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If a picture is really worth....

a thousand words, theses may get me close to being caught up on the blogging front. Seriously though, my sister and I are in the midst of one of the busiest summers ever at work. And since I don't have the internet at home, blogging and surfing has been curtailed dramatically. I don't have time when I get to work in the morning normally, and the last thing I want to do at the end of a shift is stay here longer to use the computer. Fortunately for the one or two folks who may be checking in, I carved out a couple of minutes this morning to upload some shi**y phone pictures and some quick notes about what I've been up to(although that pretty much can be summed up with riding, working, and sleeping). So here goes:

New bike in the stable courtesy of Scott Quiring. It is currently set up singlespeed with a 34/17 gear, and I will be racing it come Saturday. It is very, very nice and weighs in at a hair under 22 lbs. with pedals and cages.

This is what some stupid bi**h thought was an acceptable way of returning unused stuff from a cocktail party. Really? I bet she has ants in her trunk now because a few of the coke cans had sprung leaks and I didn't tell her.

I have been working out the kinks in my bikepacking system as well with a few overnighters close to town between work shifts.

Sarge, last night I camped out about 2/3 of the way through your loop, and last week I was at the top of the old super pipe at Nub's. Fun stuff and nice to sleep outdoors on a semi regular basis. I've got a good long overnighter planned for the middle of September involving some monster miles and all of the NCT north of Thumb Lake.

So that's all I can manage for now. WNR's are going so well with huge groups and new riders every week. Good luck to all the riders racing the O2S this weekend. Hopefully we'll see you all at the campground for post race beers and burgers. Over and out.

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