Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year to Ride!

Happy New Year everyone! Pete & I decided to start 2007 with a ride at Boyne. New Year's day was crisp and clear, mid-30's and abundant sun in the afternoon. We began in the meadow and headed up to the top, past Graham Chapel to the south warming hut, (I surely needed to catch my breath from the cold air and climb.) With a quick stop by the lift for a photo and a few odd looks from the skiers & boarders we continued our ride. We stopped at the N. Peak and caught a glimpse of the near full moon rising in the late afternoon. There were a few diminishing puddles of snow in the darker places in the woods, barely enough to merit a thought of skiing. As the non-winter continues, we may as well ride our bikes... it sure beats riding the couch.
As an addendum to my previous post regarding the end of my '06 bicycle commuting, I was a bit premature in my assumption that winter was going to halt my biking to work. As the snow has melted from the bike path, I have resumed my use of the two-wheeled vehicle opting to leave the truck in the garage. Until there's snow, keep the wheels turning.

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