Monday, July 30, 2007

Dopers Suck

I saw this picture on another biker's blog, and I just couldn't resist stealing it for my own. Priceless, wouldn't you say. The tour ended yesterday, and I'm glad it's over. I didn't follow the race too closely this year, in large part due to the rampant use of perfomance enhancing drugs. It's assholes like this one pictured above that have really ruined a sport that I used to take great interest in. I'm not even convinced that the athletes standing on the podium yesterday in Paris were all clean. On a brighter note, had a great ride yesterday in spite of the long work weekend. Hugh, Chris, Rob, and I did a 25 mile mountain ride with 3,214 ft. of climbing in just over 2.5 hours yesterday. My legs felt like complete crap all day.....until I got on the bike. I felt awesome for the majority of the ride, and I was even able to duke it out with Hugh on all of the HC climbs featured in yesterday's route. Day off the bike today for scheduled trail maitenance. Gotta get the trail ready for WNR at Headquarters this week. Hope to see everyone there, the trail should be in great shape.

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