Friday, August 17, 2007

Drought Conditions

I don't even remember the last time we had any meaningful rain round these parts. It's been a long time though. The trails are sandy, and the grass is brown. All that didn't stop us from having a good old time on the WNR last week. Had nine riders including myself for a tour of the Boyne trails. I got a good hour in before the group showed up, and it felt good to be back on the singlespeed. Hugh and I went out for a 25 mile spin this morning on the road, and we both feel like there is still a little residual soreness in the legs. Hopefully that will work it's way out by the end of the weekend. I've got to start getting ready for the first half of September. As the schedule stands I'll have Hugh's Humongous Hundred to tackle the first Sunday after Labor Day with the 12 hrs. of Hanson Hills only six days later. I'm really looking forward to the 12 hr. race. The trails down at Hanson Hills are super fun, and it sounds like there will be a fair number of local riders down there which will be nice since Sarah won't be attneding. That's all to report for now. WNR on N.C.T. from Stus. to Kipp and back this week. Bring on the hills. That's all for now, thanks for reading.

p.s. Matt was showing us this YouTube clip last weekend, and I thought it was so funny I just had to put it up here for you all to enjoy.

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