Monday, August 20, 2007

Sturgeon Bay

Got out of work right at 3:00 yesterday, so I was able to make it up the SBYC by 3:30. I got in an hour and a half of intervals on the North Country Trail riding the 1X1. That is such a nice trail, and we're all really lucky to have it so close by. Dinner on the beach was splendid as always. We had a fresh cucumber and tomatoe salad courtesy of Madge and Mike. Our main course was grilled chicken served with wild rice and grilled carrots. A nice 2003 Pomerol rounded out the dining experience beautifully. For those of you that don't ever eat dinner on the beach, give it a try sometime. All you need is a little portable grill and the same food you'd be eating/preparing at home. Trust me, everything will taste better. And you can't beat the view


Zach Rodgers said...

such an inviting notion right now, you have no idea. if we get some nice weather in the first two weeks of october, jean and I will meet you there.

Anonymous said...

Gas $ 80.00

Dinner $10.00

Pop $ 10.00

Two new Jeff Gordon Diecast cars $140.00

Kevin Harvick diecast car and sweatshirt $140.00

Race ticket $100.00

Getting completely drenched and having to come home because rain has postponed the race and there is no one at work to run your route for one more day.................

PRICELESS & Bullshit

Hey Pete,

As you can tell, I had to come home and didn't get the chance to watch my race this year. There was no one to cover my route on Tuesday. So what could be better than on Tuesday to actually work and while working be listening to the race that you should be at. The hits keep coming. I have been bummed and pissed for days. My one weekend each year where I get to have fun and don't have to worry about about work or making sure my better half is having fun or not. Next August is sure a hell of a long time away. This devistation would be like if you had trained all year for one of your events and at the last second mother nature or something else throws a monkey wrench into the whole thing.

So, how is everyone doing over at Gurney's? Tell everyone I said hi, and I hope to be able to get over there shortly to say hi to everyone.

Take care,