Friday, August 24, 2007

Schedule Change

So last month my Grandma (Nana) fell and broke her hip. It was not nearly as bad as it could have been, and she'll make a full recovery. Bill wants to go and visit her the same weekend as the 12hr. race at Hanson Hills. I'm pretty sure he had no idea that I'd planned on racing that weekend, and I'm not going to bring it up either. He's been working seven days a week since Memorial Day, and I've had three whole weekends off for racing (not to mention a handful of Thursdays as well). It would be totally selfish and unfair for me to ask him to go see his 90 year old mother with the broken hip some other weekend, and so I won't. To make up for not doing the 12hr. race, I've got a new plan. Hugh's Humongous 100 is on Sunday Sept. 9th, and I will ride it all. The next Sunday (the 16th) I will ride another road and on the singlespeed. Hugh's up for it, and anyone else is more than welcome to come along. We haven't quite got the logistics mapped out yet, but plan for a 10:00 am start time. If anyone's interested give me a call when it get's closer to the date, and I should have the details hammered out. WNR is at the Bartley House this week. Be safe out there everybody, and ride well.


Zach Rodgers said...

sorry to hear about nana. you're a mensch for giving up the race.

see you in a month.

WPG said...

don't give me too much credit. bill still works more than kate and i put together sometimes.