Monday, September 17, 2007

1/2 Century on the Singlespeed

With the way my legs were feeling last week and Hugh bailing out to go to Marquette (I wish I could have gone too), I was not optimistic about the big ride yesterday. Tim F. agreed to meet me for part of the day, but that would be my only riding partner. At least I was out in the woods, and the weather was terrific. I think I've found out how to show a link to my GPS people so you can view the ride on a map with all the numbers. In case it doesn't work: 52.84 miles in 6 hours, just shy of 7,000 vertical. Funny, almost the same time as last Sunday with almost the same vertical, but half the distance...what that mean? WNR at Boyne this week. Hope to see everyone there.

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