Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wilderness State Park

Had the rare treat of two days off in a row this Sunday and Monday so I decided to take a little mini vacation up to Wilderness State Park. I figured that was close enough for Sarah to be able to drive to work on Monday while I went out to explore some new mountain bike trails. I'd always heard great things about the rustic cabins that are for rent up there, and everything turned out to be true. They're rustic, isolated, and damn near perfect for us. It's a a great old log cabin with two sets of bunkbeds and a woodstove (we didn't really need that since it's still pretty warm out). Outside is a hand pump well, an outhouse, and a firepit. I don't really need anymore than that as it turns out. It's a little wierd not to have electricity (no way to charge the laptop). But at the same time it's amazing how quiet it can be without the usual sounds of home: stereo/tv, dehumidifier, washer/dryer, dishwasher, etc. We had a great time with a little too much wine and beer, but what are you going to do when you're on "vacation".

My ride on Monday was pretty nice. I rode some old trails I'd ridden before, but I also found some sweet new singletrack that I can't wait to ride again. I could certainly have explored a little more, but it was damn hot out. So 1hr45min and 18 miles was enough for me. I'm really hoping to come out of this riding funk soon. I just haven't felt good on the bike for a couple of weeks now, and it's really starting to piss me off. I'm trying to take it a little easier, and I've even dusted off my geared mountain bike to help me keep the pace down. We'll just have to wait and see. WNR at Boyne again this week. Be there or be square.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pete!!

Hope all is well. Yukari and I will see you in a few weeks for the big event!!

We have a question...How is Chris. I have been wondering and wanted to call, but...well you know how it is.

Still riding often. Did my first nightrider ride of the year. Talk to you soon!!!

Ed & Yukari