Monday, September 10, 2007

Hugh's Humongous 100

Hugh had a new course option this year for completing your 100 miles. A 4.8 mile loop containg the brutal Wasson's Grade climb is the new offering. If you ride it 21 times you get your 100 miles. I was the only rider that thought this sounded like fun, and so I set off alone at about 7:45 yesterday morning. I put a bag at the end of my driveway (which just so happens to lie along the new route), it was stocked with 8 fresh bottles full of Perpeteum and Heed along with a wide assortment of easy to consume foodstuffs. I was hoping to use the ride to develop a long term pacing strategy. My current strategy of riding really fast until I get tired and then slowing way down doesn't seem to work in 100 mile mountain bike racing. So my goal for the day was to ride consistent laps with enough left over to really hammer the last 2 or 3. I also tried to eat and drink steadily. It must have been a good plan because I still felt good enough at the end to put in two of my fastest laps. I know this won't translate directly to 100 miles of dirt, but I felt good all the same: 100.2 miles in 6hr12min with 7,088 ft. of climbing. I anticipate much more pain and suffering next weekend when I go for the 100 miles of mountain biking on the singlespeed. WNR at Kipp this weeek so bring your climbing legs.

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