Monday, December 03, 2007

Alternative Triathalon Sunday

Leg 1: Barely get the car out of the driveway due to a foot of heavy wet snow in order to get to Nub's for fresh tracks. Tele ski for just over an hour and a half in same heavy snow. Get your ass kicked in second run attempt of Smokey (multiple crashes). Ski the remainder of time more within one's own ski level. Drive home and get ready for leg 2.
Leg 2: Remove snow from driveway and around house using snowblower and shovel. Due to snow conditions, this takes over double the normal time and work. One hour and forty-five minutes. Rest.
Leg 3: One hour of indoor biking. Thirty minutes on the rollers, thirty minutes on the trainer. Average h.r. 141.

I was supposed to have a long day of training yesterday, and I think that just about got the job done. We got more snow last night, and it's still coming down right now. So today might not be much of a day off after all. I'm planning on a WNS out at the house if anyone's interested. There's plenty of snow now, and they're saying cool temps. all week. So bring out your ski's and a headlamp Wednesday night. Let's try and roll (stride) out about 6:30. See you then.

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Sarge said...

Dude, I give you lots and lots of credit for doing the training/rollers thing. I've tried it once, and I think it's going to be the next item up for auction on ebay. I just can't do it. I do like your "Alternative Triathalon"; I don't get to shovel or snowblow too often anymore.