Thursday, December 20, 2007

WNS Report

JT and James came out last night for a little tour in the woods. Unfortunately, the f**king snowmobilers have ridded all the way to the bottom of the BodhiSized trail now which really sucks. We ended up bushwhacking around for about forty minutes which, while far from ideal at least got us out of the house for some fresh air. I rode my bike for an hour beforehand and did some work on the stability ball so all in all it was a good workout. However, next week we're going to meet at the MVSC on Wednesday night in order to avoid the aforementioned snowmobiles. We'll plan on skiing for about an hour and then tailgate with some light appetizers afterwards. The current weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow and Saturday, but then snow on Sunday and Monday. I'm planning on getting out on Sunday for sure so give me a shout if you want to get together. Take care out there and have a happy holiday.

P.S. I signed up for the Lumberjack 100 yesterday.

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