Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm hitting the road first thing friday morning; and since I anticipate very little going on other than packing and working before then, this will probably be my last post until I'm in warmer climes. I've been forced into using the ITD due to inclement weather, but the fact that I knew I'd be riding in shorts soon made it a lot easier than normal. I've gotten in two one hour sessions, two one point five hour sessions, and one whopping two hour session over the last six days. I'm ready to get the tires onto some dirt (or at the very least some pavement). A few parting shots to close out the wednesday post.

Open water at last.

The Cloudline got a new squishy fork thanks to a killer deal from Ed at Touring Gear.

Did you see this fu**ing doper broke his collar bone a couple of days ago? What goes around, comes around.

Next post will be from somewhere south of the 45th. Take care.

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Sarge said...

Let's get some updates from the road!