Wednesday, March 11, 2009

U.P. Getaway

The rocky shore in front of the cabin with just a thin layer of ice.

Sunrise from the front deck on saturday morning.

An old restored church in the town next to Calumet.

Lake Superior just north of Eagle Harbor.

Our one day of backcountry skiing up near Lake Gratiot on the Keewenaw.

In regards to the Great Bear Chase: This is what I wrote sunday morning while sipping on coffee while I was supposed to be racing:

DNS: Square peg in a round hole. That was my most common thought last night while I lay tossing and turning thinking about the race. I had a whole list of reasons not to do the race. My ribs are still really sore. I haven’t been on the skinnies in almost three weeks. I’ve been in serious vacation mode for the last two and a half days; and with the daylight savings going into effect last night, I would have had to get up for the race at around the equivalent of five a.m. The only reason I could think of to do it was the fact that they had twenty five of my hard earned dollars. In the end, that just wasn’t enough to get me out of bed that early this morning. I guess that means I’m really ready to start biking. I could have pounded the square peg into the round fu**ing hole, but what would have been the point.

And that's all I have to say about that. If you're from around these parts, enjoy the 40 mph winds and snow today. I don't think I will. Over and out.

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