Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 WNR # 1

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Rob, Hugh, Matt, Kevin, and Sarah.

Weather: Mostly sunny and approximately 47 degrees.

Trail Conditions: Good to Excellent (especially for this time of year).

Well, the first WNR is in the books. And just over a month earlier than last year to boot. I don't know if the weather will allow us to continue a streak through to the fall, but the early start should give us a shot at besting last years total of 32 WNR's. We just rode a little bit of the trails at HQ before heading down to Hugh's house via Surfwood. At Hugh's house we did two laps of his killer trail. It's a great ride with tons of tight, twisty corners and ups and downs that keep you on your toes constantly. After that we retraced our path home for dinner and stouts to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Sarah also whipped up some Guinness chocolate mousse for dessert. It was delicious. Next weeks WNR @ Boyne. 6:30 start. Dust off your bike, pump up your tires, and get out there. Have a good weekend. Over and out.

2010 mileage: 149.22

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