Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WNR #2 - 2010

The early spring is affording some fantastic riding and giving us a chance to enjoy our beautiful Northern Michigan single-track. It is still hard to believe that we have enjoyed 2 Wednesday rides and it is still March! The ride was planned for the Boyne trails starting in the Meadow. As the ride approached, I was feeling like I might be the only rider who would make it. Almost everyone else had other commitments and PG was out sick. In order to keep the early streak going, I loaded up and headed for the trail head, figuring that there had to be at least one other WNRider that would make it & if not, I'd go it alone. Fortunately, as I was unloading my bike, Secret Steve pulled in and someone got out of the truck I parked next to looking to join. So it was me, S-Steve & our new rider Chris. We headed up the valley & got in a nice easy ride...partly because Chris was new to the Boyne trails & it's March. The trails are in great shape, still in need of some lumber-jacking (only in a couple of spots) and quite a bit more melting at the North Peak. One unconfirmed rumor is that the North-Ridge, sweet downhill section has been logged in is un-ridable. Hopefully that's bad intel. To finish out the month of March, we'll be heading to the NCT @ Kipp Rd. next week. See you there!

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Sarah said...

Thanks Chris B! The girls, Jess and I, rode on Tuesday to warm the trails up for you!