Monday, March 29, 2010

Raking and Riding

Yesterday morning, Sarah and I got out for two and a half hours of trail maintenance/trail building. The whole trail is now leaf blown and raked. Also, there is a new addition to the trail. We closed out a small, steep hill that was getting pretty rooty and eroded. In it's place, we put in a sweet new section of singletrack that works it's way up the same hill in a much less steep and much more fun and twisty way. A nice treat for the next HQ WNR in a couple of weeks. Obviously I couldn't do all that work on the trails and then not go for a ride. So I did. An hour and a half on the singlespeed felt so good.

In other bike related news: I just signed up for this last week. You can click through to see all the gory details, but the basic idea is this: Entry fee is a donation to fight cancer. The event is to ride 100 miles on rollers/trainer or on an infuriatingly small loop outdoors on May 8th (in my case 9th). 500 folks signed up for this second annual event. My plan so far is to do it at Hugh's place. There is a .75 mile loop of trail that I would need to ride 150 times to complete the event. It really did sound like a good idea at the time. But as mind numbing as it may become, it still beats sitting on the rollers for 100 miles.

WNR @ Kipp Rd. this week. Weather forecast so far is most excellent. Ditch the excuses and grab your bike instead.

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