Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Cold One

I got out for a good long cold ride yesterday. The best part of the ride was that at least 30 % of it was on dirt. We've got a good portion of the trail at home raked, and that's where I started the ride. From the top of the hill onward there are obstacles scattered here and there along the trail, but it's almost all rideable up the bottom of the 95 acres. I encountered a bit of snow there on the north facing slope so I cut out to Five Mile Creek Rd. I rode up through the golf course at Birchwood for the first time. It's way, way more fun going down. From there I cut through town for my own little private urban singletrack loop. Then up 119 to Lower Shore and up on the Loop to the top of Angel Farm. Then I went down Wasson's Grade and home through Surfwood two track. Almost 25 miles in a little over two hours.

2010 mileage: 108.22

ALERT: Due to unseasonably warm temps. and the fact that this Wednesday is St. Patrick's Day, and with the trails being rideable and all..... we'll be having WNR # 1 just over one month early this year. So, WNR this week @ HQ. Start time is 6:30, come early if you want to preride. Just let us know if you're coming and we'll put together something for dinner. Bring some beer or a small donation for the keg. Stone I.P.A. is currently on tap. You know the drill. Be there or be square. I'm super pumped to be on the bike again, so don't be surprised if you get a phone call reminder tonight or tomorrow.

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