Wednesday, July 07, 2010


So I'm cruising along in the woods this past Sunday, the fourth of July. I've just finished up an 11 hour shift at the store, and it's something like 90 degrees out. Still, I'm having a pretty good ride. I'm just about a half hour into my ride and getting ready to start a 20 minute interval when disaster strikes. I'm hammering along pretty good when I hear that god awful sound of a stick getting all up in my rear wheel. Only this time it must have been a really big stick, and before I even had time to think about stopping I stopped. The damn stick (pardon my language but I was pretty ticked off at the time, still am for that matter) tried to move my derailleur over to the other side of my bike. Of course the wheel got in the way and stopped that foolishness at the cost of three spokes. But now, the derailleur is wedged in behind the cassette making in impossible for the wheel to rotate in either direction. Not that it would matter anyway since the derailleur was all bent to sh*t. Oh, and since the spokes broke the tire went flat and the dropout is now bent. Anyway, it's back to the singlespeed for me now until I get all this business sorted out.

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