Thursday, July 22, 2010

WNR # 19

Attendance: Myself, Sarah, Bobbi, Cheryl, Sherri, Benson, Secret Steve, Doug, Damon, Racin Rob, Kevin, Charlie, and Joe.

Weather: A little hot, but not nearly as bad as last week.

Trail Conditions: A bit sandy here and there, but other than that excellent.

I've always thought it was just a matter of time before the man (Boyne security) would pitch a hissy fit about us parking at the bottom of that end of trail. Last night it happened. A security guard on a four-wheeler actually chased us around all the way up to Graham Chapel. We lost him after that, but he was waiting at the cars when we got done. We had committed not one, but two violations. Some of us were parked on the grass (but not anyone's yard), and the trails were closed at the time of our riding. Doug chatted with the dude for a couple of minutes, and then he was off. Doug also decided that he'd hadn't had enough climbing, so he led a group up the paved climb and back down to finish off the ride. I had already loaded my bike onto the car while he was talking to the rent-a-cop, and I figured beers afterwards would be short lived if they happened at all due to our run in with the law so I left. So I don't know where we're riding next week, but I'm sure I'll find out within a day or two. Have a good weekend.


SARGE said...

I don't really understand why the trails were "closed". Might be time to get a plat book and find out how many of those trails are actually on State of Michigan land. There's really nothing keeping you from making a few new trails that circumvent Boyne property via state land. That sucks that they want to be dicks about it.

WPG said...

They just have signs up with "trail hours of operation" posted. I think it's more of when the lift is running for the lazy hotel/condo guests. We shouldn't have a problem as long as we don't park down by the country club again. As far as them claiming trails as their own that happen to be on other people's/state land you are 100% correct. And they are dicks.