Thursday, July 15, 2010

WNR # 18

Attendance: Myself, Benson, Racin Rob, Secret Steve, Charlie, Doug, Damon, Kevin, Keri (not Kraze, his new new girlfriend from FLA), Sarah, Amber, Hugh and Denise, and Cheryl. I think that was everybody, but it was so fu**ing hot I may have forgotten someone, sorry.

Weather: As I said, hot. Close to 90 degrees and muggy.

Trail Conditions; Wide open, but particularly sandy among the pines.

Considering my legs felt absolutely horrible on Tuesday when I went for a 30 mile recovery ride on the road, I was feeling surprisingly strong last night. Some others were feeling strong as well apparently because the pace on the way out was super hot (something like 12 mph I think). So the riding was good, but the bugs were out in full force when we finished so I left after two beers. Next weeks WNR is at the Highlands. We'll be parking off the two track at the bottom of the north end trails near the country club. Call if you need more specific directions. A little parting video for inspiration below. HTFU.

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Sarah said...

Kevin's girlfriend is Karen. And it was great to have another girl!